PWR Faculty Network


What is this place?

The web site serves as a companion to the main site for faculty, staff, and affiliates of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The purpose of the new site is to provide PWR committees and faculty groups an easy way to have their own own web sites, without needing to deal with the nitty gritty technical details of site management.

The new site also benefits everyone else by enabling them to sign up for one account that will give them access to all sub-sites that are open to logged-in members. In other words, no more trying to remember logins and passwords for different committee or special interest sites.

The site you’re looking at now is the network “hub,”which serves the purpose of providing information about the network as well as some samples of what pages and posts might look like on new sites. As is the case with everything else I do, the design, layout, and content of this site is under perpetual revision :-)

Who can join?

Any PWR faculty member, staff member, or affiliate may register for an account on this site. You don’t need an account to browse the public material on the network sub-sites, but you do need an account to post comments on blog entries or to see material restricted to logged-in members.

Once you have an account, you may request “author” access (the ability to post new blog entries) from the managers of specific sites, such as the site for your committee. Contact the manager of the site to author request access.

You may also request a new site for your committee. Contact Amy for details.

How do I join?

See these pages:

What else can I find on this network of sites?

All sub-sites will be in directories off of this main URL. For example, the Teaching with Technology blog is available at:

You can find links to other PWR Faculty Network sites on the sidebar.

What else should I know?

This main “hub” and most of the sub-sites are run by a version of WordPress that I installed and have customized quite a bit (and can further customize). My own class web sites are run by a customized version of WordPress, and my students generally have little trouble figuring out how to use the WordPress “back end” (although, as with any new digital tool, it does take a little getting used to).

To help my students, I frequently post instructions that include screen shots and videos, and these instructions are available under the Using Custom WordPress category on my support site. Most of these instructions should also apply to using the “back end” of the site, so I encourage you to use them as needed. I can also add additional instructions on an as-needed basis.

Please also feel free to set up a time to meet with me, as I can show you the basics much more quickly in person than through written instructions. I can also help you set up a free blog on for your students to use.

More info?

Please contact me if you have questions, would like a sub-site, or would like some hands-on assistance with using WordPress or other digital composition tools.

Amy Goodloe
PWR Technology Coordinator

Site Info

This site serves as a hub for committee and special interest sites for faculty of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at CU Boulder.

Any PWR staff or faculty member of affiliate may register for an account on this site. One account gives you access to all the sub-sites, depending on their level of visibility.

For more information on the site as well as instructions on how to register, please see the About page.

If you have any questions about this site or if your committee or faculty group would like a sub-site, please contact Amy.

Faculty Web Sites

(most of these are under development!)

Design Under Perpetual Revision!

Just a heads up that I'm still working on developing a default template for the blogs on this network, so the appearance is subject to change on a regular basis.

That means you may arrive on a day when the images don't match the color scheme. Please be patient! I'm not color blind, just busy :-)